My Little Dragon

My Little Dragon

Finally got around to starting (and finishing) a full-fledged Zbrush project recently. I bought Zbrush in 2019 but barely tinkered with it and of course forgot how to navigate through it after setting it aside for over a year.

After watching some tutorials and refresher on Zbrush, I went with a dragon bust since it seemed intermediate in regards to detail and technical workflow. After getting some alphas and a tutorial, I started with a plain ‘ol polysphere and went to work in Dynamesh.

The alphas contributed immensely but I still had to go back and do a lot of hand-detailing with individual scales, wrinkles, surface noise, etc.

By this point I was literally dreaming of Zbrush skin textures and ready to wrap this thing up.

After all the excruciating detailing of the scales and polypainting, I used the Zbrush to Photoshop plugin and exported all of the render passes.

I’m still new to Zbrush and this workflow, so I made a lot of obvious mistakes but the end result surprised me.

On to the next attempt.

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